Back problems are not only unpleasant and painful, they are also associated with high costs for the economy, as they are the second most common cause of illness at work. There are many simple ways to prevent this.

Frequency and causes of work-related back pain

Work-related back pain is becoming increasingly common. There are different reasons for this depending on the profession. People who move little at work are just as affected as people who work physically. Standing or sitting for long periods of time has a negative effect on the spine if you have incorrect posture. Incorrectly aligned workplaces are usually to blame for this.

This could be a desk that is too low or a desk chair that is sagging. The wrong footwear also often causes back pain. In jobs that involve a lot of movement, the cause is more likely to be due to overload. Repetitive movements or heavy lifting can damage the spine. If stress is added to the mix, the body has a harder time coping with the pain. A survey by the IKK showed that a total of 35% of Germans regularly suffer from back pain.

In this way, the workplace can be designed to be back-friendly

There are various ways to design your workplace so that back pain is less likely. These measures can prevent back problems:

  • Ideal organization: Constant bending and stretching should be avoided at work. Frequently used items should not be on the floor or too high up.
  • Ergonomic desk chair: An office chair must be individually adjustable. Seat height, back and armrests should be adjusted to your body size and posture.
  • Regular breaks: To prevent back pain, the body needs relief. Movement and stretching exercises ensure better blood circulation and strengthen the muscles.

5 tips that can reduce back problems

Once you have back problems, they often stay for a long time. Many of those affected do not want to live with this burden. To get the pain under control, patients can follow the following tips:

  1. Optimize posture : An upright and straight posture is ideal for your back. Staying in an unnatural position for a long time should be avoided.
  2. Back-friendly sleeping position : People with chronic pain sleep best on their backs. A harder cushion under the knees provides additional relief.
  3. Sufficient exercise : Back-friendly sports such as swimming or yoga improve your muscles. High-stress sports such as tennis or athletics should not be performed if you have frequent back problems.
  4. Reduce excess weight : Increased body weight puts strain on the spine. Healthy eating and exercise can shed excess pounds.
  5. Preventive examinations : A doctor or physiotherapist will identify the cause of back problems. Appropriate treatments can be initiated.

Always have a herniated disc diagnosed professionally

A herniated disc is a serious illness with individual symptoms. If pain or numbness persists for a long time, a doctor should always make the diagnosis. Only a specialist can prescribe the right therapy. Those affected who delay treatment for too long prolong their suffering.

Diagnosis and treatment in the Apex-Spine spine center

The Apex-Spine spine center specializes in back problems. The experienced doctors take holistic care of patients with back problems. Both conservative and surgical treatment methods are offered here. Patients can also get a second opinion from us if they have already received a diagnosis. After the examination and diagnosis by our doctors with international experience, the ideal treatment method will be selected for you.