General rules of conduct before an operation

Dear patient,

You are to have an operation on your spine in the Starnberg Clinic . So that the operation can take place on the desired date and the anesthesiologists can prepare all necessary measures in good time for your own safety, it is essential that you contact the anesthetic team (Dr. von Schacky, Dr. Schredl, Dr. Panne) of the anesthetic practice im Contact Starnberg Clinic.

You can reach the anesthesia practice daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m

Telephone number 08151 182601

or via the switchboard 08151 180

Whether you are treated on an outpatient or inpatient basis will be decided depending on the findings and consultation with the doctor.

Please note for the following checklist:
  • The most important
    Contact anesthesia practice
    -> Have the surgery prepared by your family doctor/internist (laboratory test: small BB, electrolytes, creatinine, liver parameters, BZ, cholinesterase, Quick, INR, PTT as well as ECG and lung function in lung disease.
    -> !!! Please note that the examinations are not older than 2-3 weeks from the date of the surgery!!!
    -> If you have a heart disease, e.g. coronary heart disease, heart attack, stent, cardiac insufficiency, cardiac arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation), pacemaker, heart valve disease, please have your cardiologist perform a heart echo and, if possible, a stress ECG, pacemakers must be checked.
    -> Please bring all the results of the operation to the clinic!
    -> Please be at the Starnberg Clinic on the day before the operation between 12.00 and 14.00!

  • 6 hours before the operation
    -> From 6 hours before the operation you are not allowed to eat any solid food or liquid. You will receive more detailed information in the anesthesia preparation meeting the day before.

  • Blood thinning medication
    -> ASS 100 (aspirin) must continue to be taken without interruption in the case of coronary heart disease (stent, status post heart attack, bypass operation). All other blood-thinning medication (Marcumar, Plavix, Iscover, etc.) must be discontinued for the operation in consultation with your general practitioner / internist / cardiologist.
    -> If you suffer from cardiovascular disease, have your referring doctor confirm your cardiac resilience (risk class A, B, C or D).

  • Note for diabetics
    -> Please call the practice on 089 1500 166-0 to let us know your diabetes medication as soon as possible, but at least one week before the operation.

  • It's best to take this with you
    -> Comfortable clothing as well as your personal toiletries.
    -> Patients undergoing spinal surgery require an additional undershirt or t-shirt to be worn under the corset.
    -> Please bring all your pills and medicines with packaging and labels.
    -> If you are known to have allergic reactions, the doctor treating you and the anesthesiologist will need a list of the substances to which you are particularly sensitive, in particular antibiotics or known allergic reactions.

  • Please leave at home
    -> You should not bring valuables or large sums of money with you. We cannot accept liability for the loss of valuables.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!