Conservative therapy

A team of internationally trained physiotherapists, manual therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and masseurs is at your disposal at the APEX SPINE Center. All therapists can determine the right treatment analysis in the initial phase of therapy and carry out the necessary applications directly.

The treatment methods are as varied as the causes of back pain. However, it is certain that more exercise and strong back and abdominal muscles (muscular corset) in combination with the avoidance of incorrect posture and stress contribute decisively to preventing and also reducing existing back pain.

Prevention of back pain

  • Proper lifting
  • Loads should be lifted close to the body and from a crouch and not with straight legs! When lifting, keep your back straight and do not rotate at the same time
  • Proper sitting
  • Sitting for a long time is poison for your intervertebral discs. Change your sitting position frequently. Get up and stretch in between. Feet should touch the floor and knees should be bent at least 90 degrees
  • Proper lying
  • Is very different from person to person! The ideas and recommendations from advertising that only a mattress that adapts to the anatomy of the spine is an ideal mattress are nonsense! Basically, the mattress should be adapted to your body weight. Ultimately, you should feel comfortable. Try the mattress before you buy it. A good indicator of the right mattress is that you feel great the next morning!
  • Proper wearing
  • The load should be evenly distributed on both arms. (two shopping bags instead of one)
  • House work
  • Avoid forced postures and unnecessary bending! (Broom, mop, long handle vacuum cleaner). Squat down or kneel on one knee

treatment of back pain

  • In the acute phase (up to 3 days): rest and, if necessary, positioning in a stepped bed, pain medication
  • after the acute phase (after the 3rd day): movement and heat treatment, massage, acupuncture, water and electricity therapy
  • Physiotherapy and physiotherapy
  • chirotherapy
  • Relaxation exercises, autogenic training
  • Reduction of obesity
  • Targeted strengthening therapy (MedX, Kieser training, APEX SPINE concept)
  • Exercise (e.g. swimming, walking, cycling, aerobics are ideal)
  • Surgical measures (only if all other non-surgical, i.e. conservative, therapeutic measures fail or neurological problems such as foot drop or drop foot weakness as well as bladder and rectum disorders occur

The physiotherapy

In the APEX SPINE Center, a team of internationally trained physiotherapists and manual therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and masseurs is at your disposal.

All therapists can determine the right treatment analysis in the initial phase of therapy and carry out the necessary applications directly.

Acute lumbago

In the case of an acute lumbago, a blockage situation arises in your spine for various reasons. You can hardly move, have a relieving posture and your muscles are tense. We can make the spine mobile again with targeted mobilization techniques from the field of manual therapy and chiropractic. The muscles are relaxed by an individual massage and you can move again without pain in a relatively short time.

disc prolapse

In a prolapse, part of the intervertebral disc has slipped due to instability. If the prolapse compresses part of the nerves, it is very painful. Radiations in the legs, symptoms of paralysis or other painful feelings can occur. We can use various mobilization techniques developed from our own experience to centralize your intervertebral disc again. Of course, we have extensive experience with the treatment concepts: Brügger, Maitland, McKenzie, Cyriax, Evjenth and PNF


Blockages of vertebral joints in the area of the cervical, thoracic and/or lumbar spine as well as in the transitions from the spine to the ribs and in the SI joint can occur for various reasons. Only a well-trained therapist can safely release even long-lasting blockages and thus achieve better freedom of movement and posture.

Chronic back pain, problems in the posture and musculoskeletal system. Well-applied mobilization therapy and targeted massage can have a very supportive effect. The aim is to learn an individually tailored exercise program (also for at home) with appropriate rules of conduct.

The team at the APEX SPINE training and rehabilitation center will be happy to provide you with further information.

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