Conservative therapy

Causes for back pain are manifold and just as manifold are the treatment options. There is one thing for sure, however: more physical activity as well as strong back and abdominal muscles in combination with avoiding bad posture and undue strains will help to prevent back pain but also to ease existing symptoms.

Back pain prevention
  • Correct lifting
  • weights should be lifted by lowering to the ground by bending the knees, keep the heavy object close to your body and your back straight. Do not do twisting movements at the same time!
  • Correct sitting
  • prolonged sitting is bad for your spinal disks. Frequently change your sitting position. Stand up and stretch from time to time. Feet should touch  the ground and knees bent at least at 90°
  • Correct lying
  • is not easy to define. Too big is individual variation. Recommendations from commercials that the spine is supported in its anatomical structure by any special mattress is nonsense! Basically the mattress should fit your body weight and - most important your should feel well. Try out the mattress before purchase. A good indicator whether it is the right mattress is your well-being the next morning!
  • Correct carrying
  • weights should be evenly distributed on both arms (two bags instead of one)
  • Domestic work
  • avoid constrained postures and frequent bending! (use brooms, cleaning mops, vacuums with a long handle). Bend your knees or kneel down on one knee to pick something up from the floor.
Treatment of back pain
  • in the acute phase (not more than 3 days): rest, eventually bed rest with a support under your legs, pain medication
  • after the acute phase: heat therapy, massage, acupuncture, aquatic  and electrical therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • chirotherapy
  • relaxation exercises, autogenic training
  • weight reduction
  • targeted strengthening therapy (MedX, Kieser, APEX SPINE concept)
  • physical activity (ideal are for example swimming, walking, cycling, aerobic)
  • Surgery (only when all other conservative treatments failed or when neurological problems appear - like a foot drop or bowel and bladder dysfunction)

In the apex spine center a team of internationally trained physiotherapists, manual therapists, chiropractors, ostheopaths and massage therapists is at your disposal.

All therapists are able to determine right from the start the adequate therapeutic procedure and directly apply necessary treatments.

Acute lumbago

When you suffer from acute lumbago you can hardly move, you may assume a protective posture and your back muscles are tense. This situation of a „locked up“ back may arise from different possible causes. We are able to help your spine to regain flexibility by means of targeted mobilization techniques from manual therapy and chiropractic. Musculature will release under professional massage therapy and you will be able to move without pain again within a relatively short period of time.

Herniated disk

A herniated disk results from instability of the spine: part of the spinal disk dislocates and may compress spinal nerves. This will cause severe pain that may radiate into the legs. Also pareses or numbness may occur. We are able to re-centre your spinal disk with special mobilization techniques developed in-house and based on our extensive experience. Of course we also have comprehensive experience with treatment concepts like Brügger, Maitland, mcKenzie, Cyriax, Evjenth and P.N.F.

"locked up back"

Locking of joints may happen in the cervical spine, between the single vertebral bodies, at the intersection spine-ribs or at the sacroiliac joint. Only a well trained therapist is capable to resolve persistent locks and help you to regain better posture and increased mobility.

Chronic back pain, problems with posture and the whole musculoskeletal system

If applied properly a mobilization therapy and targeted massage therapy can be very helpful. The main goal is that you learn your individually adapted training program (to be done also at home) and your most important do’s and don’ts.

For more information just contact our staff at the apex spine Training and Rehabilitation Centre.

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I needed to tell just one sentence and diagnosis was established and then also confirmed by imaging techniques. Neither the orthopedic specialist nor the radiologist I had visited before, had identified the herniated disc. They told me to do some sports and that surgery would not help. Immediately after the surgery in the ATOS clinic, my symptoms disappeared and I was also pain free. Absolute number 1 address for spinal disc problems.


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