Spine-Specialist - Neurosurgeon

Dr. med. Armin Helmbrecht has specialized in microscopically minimally invasive open interventions using a trocar (sleeve).
Among other things, he modified the rear access to the cervical spine (for the treatment of herniated discs and stenoses) to a finger-width access.

The advantage lies in a much faster recovery and avoidance of the postoperative neck pain that is very often reported by patients.

Using the same technique, he is also able to treat spinal canal stenosis in the area of the thoracic spine and also the lumbar spine.

As an instructor (teacher) and guest surgeon, he regularly travels nationally and internationally to exchange his new surgical techniques with colleagues.

Differentiated use of highly specialized, minimally invasive surgical procedures on the entire spine, with a view to preserving the function of the movement segment whenever possible.

Dorsal microforaminotomy of the cervical spine
Endoscopic and trocar-assisted procedures on the thoracic and lumbar spine in prolapse and stenosis
Spinal arthroplasty (prosthesis) on the cervical and lumbar spine
Dynamizing procedures on the lumbar spine
Microscopic tumor surgery of the spine and neural structures (spinal cord, spinal nerves)