MedX - Strength Therapy

In the APEX SPINE Center , the primary goal is targeted strengthening of the back muscles under the highly specialized guidance of experienced sports therapists.

The spine is exposed to very high mechanical loads in everyday life. This can result in increased point loads of over 400 kp for the intervertebral disc. The spinal column without musculature is able to withstand these enormous pressure conditions with a stability of 5 kp. The spine is an absolutely unstable part of the body and is only stabilized by its muscular corset. Rest or relief weakens the spine and gradually leads to "deconditioning". For this reason, strengthening the back muscles is considered to be the decisive therapeutic goal in patients who have been chronic and therapy-resistant up to now.

The muscles that stabilize the spine are very small and are overlaid by the large gluteus and leg muscles. If you want to train these small back muscles, you have to isolate them and switch off the large neighboring muscles. This is only possible with the MedX system.

The therapy extends over 12-18 sessions, about 1-2 times a week. In 87% of all patients there was a significant reduction in pain up to complete freedom from symptoms. The average satisfaction of all patients treated in Munich is 96%, the pain reduction is 57%. Even 12 and 24 months after the end of the therapy, the achieved pain reduction and strength gains were fully maintained.

If you look at the previous results in therapy for chronic back patients, these results are astonishing and convincing. dr In a study of 421 patients scheduled for surgery, Brian Nelson of the Roseville Clinic in Minneapolis, USA, avoided 91.5% of all surgeries with a very intensive strengthening program according to MedX. Only 8.5% of these patients had to undergo surgery within 30 months.


  • As part of postoperative rehabilitation measures after spinal surgery.
  • Prevention of back problems and spinal deformities (e.g. scoliosis, kyphosis, slipped vertebrae)
  • If there is muscle weakness, especially in the area of the deep back muscles
  • Additional support for conservative treatment measures for back pain
  • Targeted muscle building for spinal instabilities
  • Additional support of conservative therapy for osteoporosis
  • Area of application for the cervical and lumbar spine

Medical strengthening therapy for the cervical spine

Medical strengthening therapy for the cervical spine is a relatively new treatment method and is very similar to therapy for the lumbar spine. The cervical spine stabilizes according to a so-called tension belt principle. The stronger the muscle tension, the lower the mobility of the vertebral joints among themselves and the lower the overload irritation of the ligaments. An increase in muscular tension brings stability and compensation when subjected to flexion and rotation forces, thereby preventing lock-ups. The opposite of tension is tension! Conservative Therapy MedX

A high-intensity isolated strengthening and measurement of the muscles of the cervical spine is currently only possible with the MedX therapy system under scientifically objectifiable and reproducible criteria.

Each session is treated individually by specially trained therapists who specialize exclusively in spinal stability. They are in constant contact with the most important rehabilitation institutes, especially in the USA. The latest research results and further training opportunities are constantly incorporated into the work. International congresses are attended and workshops are organised.

In recent years, MedX therapy has spread rapidly and become firmly established around the world. During this time well over 200,000 patients were diagnosed or treated.

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The aim of the MedX training therapy is to stabilize and strengthen the entire spinal column musculature through targeted movements on precision equipment. The devices used in the MedX Center have minimal friction thanks to ball-bearing axles, finely dosed weight increments and joint-friendly loads thanks to adjustable padding.

In the first therapy session, the MedX devices are individually adjusted and adjusted to the patient. After measuring the strength of the deep back muscles, training can begin. Under personal guidance throughout the duration of the therapy, the spinal muscles are specifically strengthened and, as a back-friendly treatment, can demonstrate long-term therapeutic success.