Back and sleep

Every day we are asked by our patients what or which is the best mattress or surface for a healthy and, above all, back-friendly sleep.

First of all: there is no mattress or slatted frame!

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Finally, before buying an expensive mattress, you should arrange a test bed, or try out the desired mattress for a night or two at home. The base for a mattress also does not play an important role. The price definitely doesn't matter! Neither with the slatted frame nor with the mattress itself. Here, other purchasing factors such as anti-allergic or moisture-wicking mattresses may play a not unimportant role in the purchasing decision.

The industry tries here with examples that the healthy and restful sleeping on the side or on the back on a mattress is based on the selective pressure load of the anatomical shape of the spine. However, essential aspects such as:

  • size of the person
  • weight of the person
  • broad shoulders or broad pelvis
  • heavy shoulder build
  • heavy pelvic building
  • Stomach, side and/or back sleepers

All these factors are not taken into account. Neither with the recommendations for a substructure (slatted frame, bed frame) nor for the mattress itself.

There are people who prefer to sleep hard, for example on a futon bed, or soft and warm, for example on a water bed or box-spring mattresses, or mattresses that yield to the pressure load, for example from Tempur.

Conclusion: Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself which slatted frame and which mattress you will find the desired and restful sleep with. Don't just blindly trust the arguments of the bed sellers. As I said, there are people who prefer to sleep hard, for example with a sheet of plywood under the mattress. But there are also people who prefer to have a soft bed.

The apex spine team wishes you a good and restful sleep