Three sentences - one drama: rowing world champion suffers a severe herniated disc on the way to the next world championship. Conventional methods fail. Rehab doesn't help either.

Out of? Luckily only almost. Rowing world champion Matthias Schömann-Finck from Saarbrücken lay down on Dr. Michael Schubert, who performs the most gentle disc surgery in the world at the Munich Apex Spine Center.

The happy ending: Just over a week ago, Dr. Schubert Post by Schömann Finck. "It's done! This season brought me another world championship title. Last Saturday, my crew and I became world champions in the lightweight eight-eight in Ploviv, Bulgaria... Once again, food for thought as to how well the intervertebral disc issue went!

And so the “intervertebral disc matter” went: Schömann-Finck had suffered a severe herniated disc in the last intervertebral disc level. dr Schubert operates without general anesthesia. Instead of an open procedure with an incision five to eight centimeters long, a minimal incision is sufficient for a 2.5 millimeter thin working tube. The slipped part of the intervertebral disc is removed within 30 to 45 minutes with mini instruments that Dr. Schubert helped develop it. "Thanks to this unique surgical method, a herniated disc in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine can be repaired more gently and with less risk than ever before," says Schubert. He has already helped over 5,000 patients with his minimally invasive surgical method. Another advantage: Complicated follow-up treatments, long hospital stays and downtimes in professional life are no longer necessary. As a result, the costs are many times lower than with conventional disc surgery.

Schömann-Finck even sees an "improvement in terms of core strength and general athleticism". He just added the icing on the cake to his postoperative fitness in St. Ingbert, Saarland. In the mountain bike marathon over 100 km, hill and dale and 2,900 meters in altitude, he took 5th place in the hobby class. In 5 hours and 7 minutes, just two minutes away from a jump on the podium. Oh yes: the spine didn't do a peep.


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