According to various reports, 80 percent of the population will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, up from 60 percent in the past year. This is often harmless and disappears after a short time, sometimes it is more severe, and in some cases even dangerous. This article is about what you can do as an immediate measure if you suddenly and acutely suffer from back pain. What are the most effective first aid measures that you can carry out yourself for acute back pain?

Back pain is one of the so-called "widespread diseases" and is therefore considered to be a very popular ailment. These are not only age-related, but can occasionally also make life difficult for younger people. The spine center Apex Spine can provide helpful services in order to alleviate or even eliminate your pain in the long term.

The treatment spectrum of Apex Spine goes well beyond first aid. With conservative treatments and physiotherapy, the specialists devote themselves to their problem. Blockages and even a herniated disc are treated using specially developed techniques.

Frequently asked questions about back pain

  • What is the cause of painful problems?

    The reasons for this can be broad. For example, a pelvic tilt - which has not been diagnosed for many years - can be the cause. In addition, a herniated disc can be the trigger for pain, as well as a simple cold in the lower back area. It is not uncommon for cartilage wear on the vertebral bodies to be diagnosed.
    However, the symptoms can also be due to a muscular or nervous cause ("lumbago"). In children, studies indicate that a dissonance between the growth plate and the spine can be a trigger.

  • Can you already take preventive action against back pain?

    In order to prevent a possible cold in the back area, one should - especially in the cold season - pay attention to appropriate clothing. The supporting apparatus consists of the spine and the back muscles. This can be strengthened with targeted exercises, which consequently affects the pain sensors.

  • How can you manage your back pain at home while waiting for medical treatment to kick in?

    Of course you can support your therapy with pain-relieving ointments. Large-area heat patches can also help here.

  • Which home remedies are considered effective?

    A fairly simple variant consists in the supply of heat. Stand or lean against a stove or other heat source. Your blood vessels and blood circulation are expanded or stimulated. The same effect can be achieved with a warm full bath.
    Thyme: If you put this medicinal herb in cooking oil about 2 - 3 months ago, it will have a beneficial effect during a massage.

  • What should you focus on in everyday activities?

    Always try to sit upright. A position in which you "crouch down" in the armchair is extremely counterproductive. If you lift a heavy object (off the ground), also make sure that you are careful with your posture. Do this across your legs, keeping your core as upright as possible. This relieves the back extensor and thus the lumbar spine.

  • Why is the Apex-Spine Spine Center in Munich your perfect contact, both in an acute case and for subsequent treatment?

    Apex Spine not only provides first aid when needed. Further measures are also used individually and thus in a targeted manner in order to eliminate your disturbing condition in the long term. Even with a herniated disc that requires surgery, there are now very gentle, minimally invasive techniques that can be used to restore mobility.

    The clinic can draw on the many years of experience of the specialists working there. With the leading specialists - Dr. Schubert, Dr. Helmbrecht and Dr. Wagner - all internationally experienced and recognized experts, you are in the best hands with regard to your complaints.