A wrong sleeping position can damage your health in the long run. Back pain, pain in the spine and even herniated discs can be the result. Only if the spine can remain in its natural form when lying down will this help to prevent tension and pain.
You should avoid the following sleeping position:

The side position with the legs drawn up

Many people sleep on their side, which is very close to the usual sitting position. Lying in the same posture for a long period of time causes the muscles and fascia to become increasingly immobile over time. In this case, it means that the muscles in the front of the body that overstretch opponents in the back are shortened.

This is even more favorable when sleeping on your side, since the tension in the muscles increases further and leads to back pain as a result. If you can only sleep on your side, put a pillow between your knees (in fact, there are special side sleeper pillows) and don't bend your legs too much. In this way, the spine is still relieved.

The best sleeping position for back pain - the straight back position

If you lie on your back with your legs straight, you can straighten the lumbar spine. A harder slatted frame can support this straight position while sleeping. It is best to do without the pillow and pull your chin in slightly in order to stretch your cervical spine accordingly.

If you sleep on your stomach, be sure to place a pillow under your pelvis so your spine is straight. A hollow back increases the pressure on the lumbar spine and in turn leads to pain. The cervical spine should also not be twisted or overstretched.

The function of the pillow

A pillow's job is to support your head and neck as much as possible. The neck should lie as straight as possible on the pillow, and the entire spine should also be as straight as possible.

Finding the right mattress for back problems

Basically, cold foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses and visco foam mattresses are suitable. If you are a side sleeper with back problems, you should pay attention to the following:

  • The neck and pelvic area must sink well into the mattress
  • The mattress must be stable and provide good back and waist support.
  • Good point elasticity is another important point.
  • The mattress should be rather hard. Hardness levels 2 and 3 are recommended.
  • Mattress and slatted frame must be well coordinated.

For back sleepers with back problems, the natural shape of the spine should be preserved.

Why you should have chronic back pain treated

If you have observed the points described above, but your back pain is not getting better, you should seek professional treatment. At the internationally renowned Apex Spine Center in Munich, you will receive targeted orthopedic and neurological examinations of the back and neck.

With the perfect mixture of proven treatment methods and modern therapeutic approaches, you have the opportunity to be looked after by an excellent team of specialists. After detailed examinations and a well-founded diagnosis, you can start the therapy. So that you can finally be pain-free again, each therapy is individually tailored to you. Contact the spine specialists in Munich, it's worth it!