disc-op-sf04 Munich, October 2012 - Dr. Schubert from the Apex Spine Center in Munich was the first doctor in France to endoscopically treat a patient with a herniated disc in October. The patient left the clinic just one day after the minimally invasive procedure pain-free, walking and with a smiling face. The French colleagues have so far used the conventional open surgical procedure to remove a herniated disc.

For endoscopic disc surgery:
This minimally invasive procedure is the extremely gentle alternative to the previously widespread conventional back surgery, which is large compared to the endoscopic surgical method, in which muscles are detached after a long incision, connective tissue is pushed aside, and bone material and ligaments are removed.

Intervertebral disc particles that have shifted into the spinal canal can only cause serious problems after months or years. Then it is often too late for satisfactory treatment. In addition to instability of the spine, scarring and adhesions threaten an untreatable, painful situation. Thanks to the new mini instruments, Dr. Schubert is able to repair all herniated discs endoscopically.