More than 80 percent have to struggle with back problems in the course of their lives, often associated with pain and restricted mobility, sometimes even to the point of being unable to work. It doesn't have to be like that. There are effective preventive measures.

Back Health Day was introduced in 2002 by the Pain Forum in the German Green Cross - since then it has been held annually on March 15, and on this day you can attend several Germany-wide events on the subject of backs. This special day is currently taking place on the initiative of various associations, including the Association of German Back Schools. The various events on Back Health Day include lectures, hands-on activities and exhibitions. In 2023, the events will take place under the motto "Healthy back with heart, hand and mind".

A healthy back is essential for the quality of life

When it comes to quality of life, a healthy, pain-free, flexible back plays a crucial role. Because supposedly minor back problems can quickly get out of control if you ignore them. They are often associated not only with pain but also with a lack of mobility. Depending on the cause and development, what initially appears to be a harmless problem can develop into a serious back problem or inability to work. It is obvious that this represents a severe impairment of the quality of life.

Back Health Day draws attention to these circumstances. With the campaign mentioned, the initiators want to raise awareness of back-friendly behavior in everyday life. This should reduce back problems in the population in the long term and improve people's quality of life. One of the easiest ways to avoid painful and disabling back problems is through preventative behavior.

Simple precautionary and preventive measures with a high impact

Preventing back pain does not necessarily require complex or expensive measures. In many cases, it is sufficient to rely on regular, back-friendly exercise. Our modern lifestyle, such as sitting in the office for hours, eating fast, unhealthy food, constant stress, etc. is often of little help when it comes to keeping us and our backs healthy and flexible. If you start in time, even simple, moderate exercise that is firmly planned in everyday life can avoid many problems.

Stress can also cause back pain because prolonged stress is often accompanied by an increase in muscle tone. If phases of physical relaxation are not consciously built in here, this can lead to tense muscles and, as a result, to poor posture, which in turn triggers additional stress on the intervertebral discs. So you are not only doing something good for your psyche, but also for your back if you do regular relaxation exercises.

Attitude please, but correct

A healthy posture is also important for the prevention of back problems. And this is promoted by building back muscles. The latter support the spine, while also protecting it in the event of falls and impacts. It is therefore definitely worth training the muscles in this area. You can do back-friendly sports - including, for example, swimming or walking - or do targeted muscle building training. If in doubt, you should consult your doctor or physiotherapist beforehand.

Who is affected by the topic "back health"?

Back problems can affect anyone - including young people. Under no circumstances should a healthy back be taken for granted. It is best to start early with the promotion of back health. At the latest when the first tensions and back pain become noticeable, you absolutely have to act. First of all, you should get to the bottom of the cause.

This is where the most common mistakes are made. Such complaints are often not taken seriously, or one seeks advice in the wrong place. We hear again and again from specialists for back diseases that the advice of specialists is often sought far too late. Specialists who have specialized in diseases of the spine - such as the internationally active spinal surgeons at the Apex-Spine special clinic in Munich - are not only competent contacts for operations on the intervertebral disc, but also far earlier, preferably at a time when which the operation can still be avoided.

Conclusion - pain-free through everyday life

Back Health Day draws attention to a major problem in society: back pain. A large part of the population struggles with such complaints in the course of life. But there are good, proven and very well-functioning ways to prevent chronic pain. Find a specialist or a specialized clinic, such as the Apex-Spine Spine Center, in good time, get advice and clarify the cause of your symptoms with a comprehensive diagnosis.