Apex Spine - maximum specialization to maintain spinal health

The Apex Spine Spine Center in Munich is not only known in Germany as a first-class specialist clinic for spine and intervertebral disc operations. The Apex Spine Spinal Center is considered a pioneer in spinal surgery throughout Europe.

The patients receive professional advice and treatment, which incorporates all the findings from the three disciplines involved. This interdisciplinary cooperation in connection with many years of experience leads to the claim to be one of the leading spine clinics in Europe.

Three specialist areas come together here to form one supreme discipline

The Apex Spine Center uses the findings of the specialist areas of neurosurgery, trauma surgery and orthopaedics. The Spine Center thus guarantees comprehensive and well-founded advice and diagnosis for the individual pain and symptoms of the patient. The combination of the three disciplines allows the best possible therapy results and thus the highest possible quality of life for our patients.

The TOP experts in spinal surgery work in the Apex Spine Center

The entire team specializes in the subject of the spine and has the primary goal of restoring the mobility of the spine and restoring the quality of life of their patients. The qualified and motivated team works towards this goal every day, above all the three internationally recognized spine surgeons, Dr. Michael Schubert as a highly qualified spine surgeon, especially in the orthopedic field, Dr. Helmbrecht, with his background in neurosurgery, and Dr. Wagner specializing in microtherapy.

All three surgeons are among the top international experts in their field and are both highly qualified and extremely specialized in their field. No wonder that in this environment both own surgical methods and own surgical "kits" have been developed, all as a result of the groundbreaking focus on one topic. All of this is not self-praise, but reflects the common goal: to enable the patient to receive the most gentle and best possible therapy.

The most common treatments at the Apex Spine Center in Munich include:

  • Endoscopic disc surgeries
  • microtherapy
  • open and endoscopic spinal canal expansion
  • intervertebral disc prostheses
  • Stabilization procedures in the spine area
  • Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty
  • Fracture and tumor surgery

Especially with such demanding and complex operations, experience is irreplaceable. Apex-Spine scores again here. alone dr Schubert has performed over 10,000 minimally invasive surgeries over the past 20 years. He revolutionized the endoscopic surgical procedure for intervertebral disc surgery. No wonder he trains other surgeons himself and is in demand as a lecturer and lecturer around the world.

The "gold standard" - minimally invasive disc surgery

The close cooperation between the three disciplines, the enormous experience, the extraordinary specialization and the constant striving to improve have made the Apex Spine Center a point of contact for everyone who is looking for reliable and gentle help with back pain and back problems, including a whole one Series of competitive athletes. All of this benefits the patients of the spine clinic, who often can hardly believe how much their quality of life improves.

By the way: An operation is also the last resort for us, of course we check very carefully whether there are therapies that make an operation superfluous. In a surprising number of cases this is the case. However, this requires an extremely precise diagnosis, which requires time and the appropriate experience to clearly verify the problem if the symptoms are unclear. Talk to us, make an appointment for a diagnosis and what therapy options are available in your individual case. Our team is there for you and looks forward to seeing you.