Spine-Specialist - Neurosurgeon

Dr. med. Armin Helmbrecht has specialized in microscopically minimally invasive open interventions using a trocar (sleeve).
Among other things, he modified the rear access to the cervical spine (for the treatment of herniated discs and stenoses) to a finger-width access.

The advantage lies in a much faster recovery and avoidance of the postoperative neck pain that is very often reported by patients.

Using the same technique, he is also able to treat spinal canal stenosis in the area of the thoracic spine and also the lumbar spine.

As an instructor (teacher) and guest surgeon, he regularly travels nationally and internationally to exchange his new surgical techniques with colleagues.

Differentiated use of highly specialized, minimally invasive surgical procedures on the entire spine, with a view to preserving the function of the movement segment whenever possible.

Dorsal microforaminotomy of the cervical spine
Endoscopic and trocar-assisted procedures on the thoracic and lumbar spine in prolapse and stenosis
Spinal arthroplasty (prosthesis) on the cervical and lumbar spine
Dynamizing procedures on the lumbar spine
Microscopic tumor surgery of the spine and neural structures (spinal cord, spinal nerves)


1984 – 1991

Studied human medicine at Saarland University, Medical Faculty Homburg/Saar and University of Auckland, School of Medicine, Thames Hospital, New Zealand

1988 - 1989
Scientific assistant at the anatomy department of the medical faculty of Saarland University

1987 – 1991
Teaching activity at the nursing school of the Ev. Fliedner Hospital and the Ev. Saarbrücken Hospital in the subject of pharmacology and in the subject of medical science in the sub-areas of neurology and psychiatry

1996 - 2007
Teaching activity in the field of neurosurgery at the Augsburg Clinic, student teaching for practical year students at the LMU Munich, teaching at the nursing school at the Augsburg Clinic

Professional background

Trauma surgery and neurosurgery, BG Unfallklinik Murnau

Neurosurgery, Augsburg Clinic

Neurosurgery BWZK Koblenz

Neurosurgery, Augsburg Clinic

Specialist certification in neurosurgery combined with recognition of specialist sonography and radiology

Senior Physician, Head of Spine Special Consultation

since 2001
Teaching activity in the field of neurosurgery, Klinikum Augsburg, teaching hospital of the LMU Munich

Master of Business and Administration (MBA), Neu Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Senior consultant and deputy director of the clinic

Alpha Clinic Munich, Alpha Spine Center department, Dr. Hoogland

since 2008
Self-employed at the MVZ Helios with the Munich Spine Institute for function-preserving spinal surgery

Scientific Lectures

PLIF—Treatment in lumbar instability or listhesis
University of Kuopio, Finland February 2001

Advantages of PEEK cages in anterior cervical fusion
First results in 27 cases
German-Finnish meeting, Klinikum Augsburg, April 2002

Advantages of PEEK cages in the cervical spine area
Spine Symposium at the Municipal Clinic in Karlsruhe, September 2002

Congress secretary: 20 years of neurosurgery Augsburg, November 2002

Lumbar disc degeneration:
Treatment strategies (paths): conservative - interventional - surgical
Is there an evidence-based or HTA-approved gold standard?
20 years of neurosurgery in Augsburg, as part of the advanced training event for southern German neurosurgeons, Klinikum Augsburg, November 2002

Advantages of PEEK cages (SolisTM) in anterior discectomy
First results in 52 cases
Winter meeting of Swiss neurosurgeons, Sils-Baselgia, January 2003

New surgical techniques on the intervertebral disc
Methods, materials, systems
Further training event orthopedic-radiological cooperation, Augsburg, February 2003

Sense and nonsense of the intervertebral disc prosthesis
Augsburg Clinic, May 2003

Indications for urgent CCT in multiply injured patients
Specialist - advanced training seminar of the BDC, Klinikum Augsburg, March 2004

Opportunities and possibilities of "clinical patient pathways" an economic and medical perspective. Using the example of the lumbar intervertebral disc
DGNC April 2004, Cologne

Frykholm cervical dorsal decompression
History, indication, surgical technique, frequency, advantages and disadvantages
1st spinal surgery course HWS, spine section DGNC,
Saarland University, Homburg, June 2004

Inflammatory spinal diseases
27th Annual Meeting, Spine Section of the DGNC, Günzburg, September 2004

Degenerative disease in lumbar spine and its surgical options for treatment
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, April 2005

New surgical procedures on the cervical and lumbar intervertebral discs
Training event Bavarian Red Cross Aichach April 2005

"The cross with the cross!" New and tried and tested in the treatment of herniated discs. Augsburg Clinic June 2005

Clinical patient pathways using the example of the cervical spine prosthesis
Motion Roundtable September 19, 2005, LMU Munich

Modern methods of treating back pain. Laser, PRT, Endoscopy, Interspinous Implants, IDET, Catheter Procedures and much more...
24th advanced training conference of the DGNC, Seeheim-Jugenheim 23.-26. 11. 2005

3rd Annual PoleStar User Meeting, 01.-03. Feb 2006 Denver, Colorado, USA

Treatment of a ruptured aneurysm of the anterior communicating branch in the presence of another anastomosis of the anterior cerebral arteries
DGNC 57th annual conference Essen 11.-14.05. 2006

Dorsal Microforaminotomy - A Keyhole Approach to Cervical Spine
1. German - Omani Neurosurgery Conference December 2006, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

New minimally invasive procedures on the cervical spine, November 2007 Klinikum Augsburg

Management and organization "Ski and Spine" in cooperation with the DSV Spine Diseases and Skiing, January 2008, Spitzingsee

Lead Activ C Instructional Course 10 July 2008
Khon Kaen University, Thailand

Faculty Member, International Spine Conference, Prince Court Medical Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Annual Meeting of the Neurological Association, Malaysia, 11/12 July 2008

Faculty Member, ASSET Vienna 15-18 July 2008 (Aesculap Spine Staff Educational Training)

ALIF, PLIF, TLIF and XLIF, indications and controversies
1. Spinal columns - OP - course of the NCFAW and the "AG Section Spine" of the DGNC,
5th-6th September 2008 Hanover, Anatomy MHH

book contributions

Cervical microforaminotomy; A. Helmbrecht, V. Heidecke
"Börm/Meyer: Spinal neurosurgery, Schattauer-Verlag 2008, Stuttgart-New York

cervical prosthesis; V. Heidecke, A. Helmbrecht, N. Rainov
"Börm/Meyer: Spinal neurosurgery, Schattauer-Verlag 2008, Stuttgart-New York


Bangkok, Military Hospital, Neurosurgery, Thailand 2/2003

Charlottesville, University of Virginia, Neurosurgery, USA 12/2004

Other qualifications and activities
  • DSV ski instructor since 1984
  • Ski touring guide since 1995
  • altitude medicine
  • Expertise in radiation protection
  • Expertise in laser protection