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There are many causes for back pain – they may be of degenerative, inflammatory or functional nature and affect different parts of the spine. Diseases of the backbone are common among all age groups, in the older patients, however, it is mostly degenerative changes of the spine, that cause pain, movement restrictions and sometimes neurological symptoms.

You will find detailed information on the most common spine diseases on our website. To facilitate your access to the condition that may interest you, we put a short “pain profile” in front of each clinical picture. The more of the listed symptoms apply to you, the more probable it is, that you are affected.


You might suffer from...

  • Neck pain that can be felt in the head (headaches) or the shoulder and/or
  • Pain, numbness or weakness extending from the neck to the arms, back of your hands and/or to the fingers
  • Pain in your shoulder with numbness in the region of the deltoid muscle and/or a feeling of weakness or paresis when lifting your arm sideways.

The individual clinical picture mainly depends on what section of the cervical spine is affected and if and to what extent adjacent nerves are compressed by the herniated disk.

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Or you suffer from...

  • Severe lower back pain radiating into the buttocks, legs or feet and which may be aggravated by sneezing or coughing.
  • A feeling of numbness or even paresis in your leg
  • Eventually also from numbness of the inner thighs, the anal or genital region, bladder and/or bowel dysfunction

The clinical picture depends on to what extent adjacent nerves are compressed by the herniated disk. Hence, not all listed symptoms may prevail simultaneously.

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