Clinic Erding


Since 2008 we work together with the Klinikum (Clinic) Erding - a teaching hospital of the University of Munich.

The Klinikum Erding is situated in a rural environment in the southwestern periphery of Erding. The primary health care hospital disposes of a surgery, anesthesia and internal medicine department as well as of a new computer tomograph and an intensive care unit. Hence our patients from upper Bavaria find comprehensive treatment close to their homes.

Daily visits by one of our neurosurgeons are a matter of course. Costs are covered by German statutory and private health care insurance.

Klinikum Erding, BajuwarenstraƟe 5, 85435 Erding
Tel  +49 8122 / 59-0
Fax +49 8122 / 59-1748

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I needed to tell just one sentence and diagnosis was established and then also confirmed by imaging techniques. Neither the orthopedic specialist nor the radiologist I had visited before, had identified the herniated disc. They told me to do some sports and that surgery would not help. Immediately after the surgery in the ATOS clinic, my symptoms disappeared and I was also pain free. Absolute number 1 address for spinal disc problems.


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