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Welcome to the site of the Scientific Society for minimally invasive spine surgery.

There is intense focus on research in the APEX SPINE Center. Dr. Schubert, Dr. Helmbrecht and their team are constantly advancing the endoscopic surgical techniques for spine therapy. Special in-house developed surgical instruments are a unique feature of this spine centre.

Our main task is to monitor the patients’ recovery with the aid of questionnaires.

Hence we stay in close contact with our patients also after surgery and gain profound insight into the efficiency of endoscopy and other surgical procedures that have been developed by us and are carried out in our spine clinic.

Among other things the questionnaires comprise internationally acknowledged evaluation methods for spine diseases. This secures comparability of our results with other studies and provides us with information on the current health status of our patients after a disc surgery.

Data are evaluated and then presented on international spine congresses, meetings of physicians or physiotherapists and sports associations or they are published in scientific journals. Hence we are in close contact with other institutions – nationally as well as internationally – and are able to compare our data to data from similar or conventional surgery methods.

Among other things also biological causes for back pain are being analyzed in our studies, different conservative methods are discussed and the efficiency of drugs is compared.

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Further articles


Book chapter by Dr. Armin Helmbrecht

Die zervikale Mikroforaminotomie [Cervical Microforaminotomy]
A. Helmbrecht, V. Heidecke


Börm/Meyer (eds)
Spinale Neurochirurgie
Schattauer-Verlag 2008, Stuttgart-New York


Book chapter by Dr. Michael Schubert

Future suggestions

Jin-Sung Kim, Jun Ho Lee, Yong Ahn
Endoscopic Procedures on the Spine
Springer New York, LCC 2020, 233 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013 USA


Publications in Spine Journal

The most recent scientific study with the collaboration of Dr. Michael Schubert was published in the Spine Journal on April, 20th 2008. The article is about successful endoscopic surgeries in patients that had had a conventional open microscopic surgery before.

  • Endoscopic transforaminal discectomy for recurrent lumbar disc herniation
  • Transforaminal posterolateral endoscopic discectomy with or without the combination of a low-dose chymopapain
  • Endoscopic transforaminal nucleotomy with foraminoplasty for lumbar disk herniation

Surgery is better than injections!.... Recent study in the Spine Journal shows:

Patients that had undergone surgery for their herniated disk were better off than those under conservative treatment. The up to now largest multicenter study with 2000 patients from the USA could show that a minimally invasive intervention lead to a notably better quality of life after 3 months, 12 months and also after 2 years. The obtained symptom relieve was significantly better with surgery than with conservative therapy (Spine Journal 2008).