Frau im Trend Report - Bandscheibenvorfall: Gesund in nur 2 Tagen

It came without warning, the brutal pain in their hips and legs that made her step to hell. "At first I thought of inflammation or even osteoarthritis," says Nicole (53). The doctors groped in the dark for a long time. Only when the orthopedist also took X-rays of the spine did he discover the cause: herniated disc!

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“It becomes critical if the pain in the back also results in paralysis in the legs or feet,” warns Dr. Michael Schubert from the Apex Spine Center at Olympiapark. "Then surgery must be done as soon as possible."

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vitafil: Rückenschmerzen - Ohne OP läuft es oftmals besser

Severe back pain tarnishes the mind after a while. After a long period of suffering, many people therefore resort to the last resort - an intervertebral disc operation. "But eight out of ten operations are superfluous," warns the renowned spine surgeon Dr. Michael Schubert from Munich. In his opinion, herniated discs can also be treated without surgery in many cases.

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TZ-Interview mit Dr. Armin Helmbrecht

Four out of five adults have back pain. Patients are often advised to undergo surgery to be pain-free again.
Neurosurgeon Dr. Armin Helmbrecht on techniques and methods.


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