Second Opinion

Professional second opinion on your spinal complaints

You have already received a therapy proposal, but you are unsure whether there are other therapy methods and / or options?

Fast and reliable initial assessment of your complaints using the online form

If you follow the link below you will automatically be taken to the form. Then please fill out all questions carefully. If you have an MRI (magnetic resonance tomography) and / or a CT (computed tomography) result, please inform us of this result either in writing or as a scanned attachment (Word or PDF document).

The findings should not be older than three months.
Please do not send us any original pictures by post or data carrier in advance!

Online form for...

You can also send us the anamnesis form and the findings report by email.

If sending or filling out the online forms does not work, you also have the option of printing out the questionnaire as a PDF and sending it to us by fax or post!

You can also send us the anamnesis form and the findings report by fax (089-1500 166-29) or post.
Postal address:
apex spine spinal center
Attention Mrs. Melanie Weinberger
Dachauerstrasse 124A
80637 Munich
The completed anamnesis sheet tells a lot about your spinal disease and is therefore extremely helpful for an exact diagnosis. In conjunction with the MRI reports, an initial assessment can be made before your visit to the apex spine spine center and, if necessary, a treatment appointment at the apex spine spine center can be planned.

The questionnaire you have filled out and your reports will be immediately forwarded to one of the doctors and evaluated. If you mark your anamnesis sheet with "urgent", you will receive a response on the same day. Otherwise, the preliminary assessment takes between two and three days.

Please take note of the following guidelines:

The team of experts is of course subject to medical confidentiality. The protection of your data is guaranteed at all times. The APEX SPINE Center team will give you an opinion based solely on the information you provided in the questionnaire you completed. In no case can the opinion be understood to refer to the presence or absence of a specific disease or a specific condition. The information provided by the team of experts must also not be understood as a request for a specific treatment or non-treatment of a possible disease. Incidentally, the information and information provided by the team of experts must never be understood as a request for self-treatment or self-recognition of an illness or other condition. All information provided by the team of experts is non-binding and cannot replace personal advice and treatment by a doctor. A binding diagnosis and treatment recommendation can only be made after a personal and immediate treatment of the patient by the doctor, in the course of which the doctor was able to form his own picture and make his own findings.
All information and information are non-binding and do not replace medical advice and treatment. Any liability for the correctness and completeness of the information is excluded. Likewise, no guarantee can be given for errors in transmission on the Internet. The costs for the consultation and the administration effort can amount to approx. 70, - €.