Pain therapy

... for spinal disk herniations and back pain… a new and safe catheter therapy


The “safe-catheter” therapy has proven very efficient for smaller disk herniations causing very severe back or leg pain, for patients suffering from scarring after a discectomy and for minor degenerative spinal stenoses.

The intervention is done under local anesthesia. An ultra fine curved cannula is directly pushed forward up to the location where the disk or scar irritates the nerves. Through this cannula an enzyme is introduced which cleaves the excess disk or scar tissue.

To conclude a corticosteroid is applied to prevent inflammation and scarring and a catheter is placed in this position. The next day a depot corticosteroid is injected through this catheter which is then removed. Two hours later the patient can be discharged home.


This technique is carried out by Dr. Schubert already since 2002.


 The „safe-catheter“ therapy must not be mixed up with the facet joint injection


When MRI or x-ray imaging proves that pain stems from degenerative facet joints a facet join injection will be carried out. Under sight-control irritated, pain causing vertebral joints will be punctured and anti-inflammatory drugs directly deposited into the joint. Due to the precise application of the drug directly at the site of action much smaller doses are required compared to conventional injection therapy.


Nerve root infiltrations

If a nerve root is irritated or swollen this can mostly be detected with magnetic resonance imaging. Patients usually suffer from severe and radiating pain. In these cases one or two targeted injections with corticosteroids can work wonders. Under local anesthesia and sight-control a fine cannula will be forwarded directly to the affected nerve root. Soaking of the nerve root with 2cc corticosteroid will lead to immediate pain relieve. In rare cases the treatment must be repeated.


I needed to tell just one sentence and diagnosis was established and then also confirmed by imaging techniques. Neither the orthopedic specialist nor the radiologist I had visited before, had identified the herniated disc. They told me to do some sports and that surgery would not help. Immediately after the surgery in the ATOS clinic, my symptoms disappeared and I was also pain free. Absolute number 1 address for spinal disc problems.


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