Degenerative changes, poor posture, inflammatory processes or traumatic injuries may lead to a variety of spine diseases that cause pain and movement restrictions. Patients often suffer from a considerable loss of quality of life.

Innovative therapy methods offer the possibility to treat a herniated disk, spinal stenoses or degeneration of vertebral joints in way that will allow you to move free of pain again.

Above all the further development of the minimally invasive endoscopic techniques now provides a very safe and efficient treatment. Recovery times are greatly reduced and patients can return to work and their sports activities much earlier than it used to be the case with conventional “open” surgeries.

Endoscopic surgery – proved and tested for many diseases of the spine

With our endoscopic technique all kinds of disk herniations can be removed – independent of their size and location. Even if they are situated at L5/S1 – a level which is generally difficult to access – they can be safely and efficiently removed with this minimally invasive procedure.

Endoscopy is also indicated in chronic back pain caused by disk protrusions and fissures.

Additionally more and more spinal stenoses that cause unilateral symptoms can be decompressed with this endoscopic technique.

The APEX SPINE Center has grown to an internationally recognized training center

Dr. Schubert and Dr. Helmbrecht regularly present their experiences and results on national and international conferences and publish their work in scientific journals.

On a regular base, physicians from all over the world join us to stay informed or to improve their skills with our surgical procedures. Additionally, continuous education courses for spine specialists are offered where with live-surgeries and workshops all knowledge about the new techniques is passed on to interested colleagues.

The highly qualified spine specialists of the APEX SPINE Center are intimately familiar with all modern techniques of spine surgery. Which therapeutic strategy will apply for the individual patient depends on the results of a thorough examination.

As a matter of fact: a precise diagnosis is a prerequisite for successful treatment. The more exactly we know the underlying causes of your disease, the more specifically we can treat you!

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