Conduct before the operation

General rules of conduct before an operation

Please stop taking blood thinning drugs like Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) one week before surgery. Ask your general practitioner about how to proceed.

Do not eat or drink 6 hours before surgery.

You will be informed into detail the day before surgery during an individual pre-anesthesia interview.

The decision if you will be treated as in- or outpatient will be made according to your condition and after consultation with your treating physician.

Information for diabetics

Please tell GP as soon as possible, at the latest one week before surgery, about your diabetic therapy regimen.

Just call: 0049 (0)700 20 4000 20

What you should bring

You should bring comfortable clothes as well as your personal toiletries.

Patients that are having spine surgery should also bring an undershirt or t-shirt which they can wear under their corset.

Please bring also all your drugs with the respective packages and inserts.

If you suffer from any allergies please make a list of the respective substances – above all antibiotics.