Back and sexuality

Sex after a back or spinal surgery
Many of our patients ask us for a back-friendly sexual behavior. The most common questions are:

  • When

or and

  • As

May I get intimate with my partner again? Here are some pieces of information that may suggest how sexual gathering after a back and / or spinal disc surgery can be nice and rewarding.

Basically: careful sexual activities can be started as early as the first week after surgery. Make only gentle movements. In principle, however, the operated person (woman / man) should rather take on a passive role in the first 4 weeks.

Below are some back-friendly example positions that can be applied.

It is important to distinguish whether the woman or the man was operated on!
Also note that if intimate get-togethers are a problem, wait and try again later.
Basically: practices where you have to tense the body and exert too much effort should be avoided.

Relaxed pelvic movement can even be seen as a preventive exercise against back problems, a gentle lovemaking can be one of the best forms of relaxation.