Red wine helps the spinal disk

Drinking red wine accelerates recovery after a disk surgery. That's what Dr. Michael Schubert - the leading physician of the spine department of the Atos Klinik München – confirmed. He and his colleagues from the renowned specialist hospital are specialized exclusively in the treatment of spine diseases or traumatic injuries of the vertebral column. Red wine enhances blood circulation through the spinal disks. Especially the vulnerable margins with the associated structures benefit from this effect. Certain chemical constituents of the wine improve fluidity of the blood. This helps to provide even the finest vessels with blood and oxygen. Additionally other bioactive substances with antibiotic or antioxidative properties decrease blood clotting.


Dr. Michael Schubert offers premium treatment with his in-house developed surgery techniques and especially designed minute instruments. Stimulating the blood circulation with red wine has by now been integrated into his therapeutic concept. And this will help not only after a surgery: Bad blood circulation – for example from sitting over long periods of time - is also an acknowledged risk factor for the occurrence of a disk herniation.

Discovered was this beneficial "red wine effect" by a Norwegian group of physicians under the direction of the rheumatologist Dr. Rasmussen. They had asked 148 patients 2 ½ years after their disk surgery about their age, socio-economic characteristics, drinking and smoking habits and assessed total outcome. Outcome parameters were pain reduction, decrease of impairment of daily activities and increase in well-being after a disk surgery. The analysis of all data showed: Wine drinkers were on the whole significantly better off. The Munich spine specialist Dr. Schubert is convinced that these remarkable results should find their way into practice and hence he provides all his disk surgery patients with a bottle of excellent red wine. Positive feedback proves him right.

Dr Schubert's team of the APEX SPINE Center is acknowledged worldwide on the field of endoscopic and minimally invasive surgery. Many of those who seek help come from abroad. Two hours after the surgery most patients are able to get up and walk by themselves. Already one day after the intervention flights of up to 90 minutes can be permitted.

There are 10 physiotherapists, massagers, spinal-motion-analysts and sports instructors that are exclusively engaged in back training and rehabilitation. This alone might be a very good reason to consider the APEX SPINE Center as a first choice place to go - not only for stars, managers or other chosen ones.