Golf reported to date

March 2010/Golf date - Dr. Schubert in the medical part

Apex Spine Center Munich: The World's unique method for disc surgery

Quick, gentle and low-risk

Golf is proven one of the healthiest sports, but golfers often complain about symptoms of lumbar and cervical spine. Thanks to a unique Operationsmehode today, a herniated disk, ever be resolved in cervical spine, as gently as low risk and yet the recordable way. ... read more

Dr. Schubert in an interview with Mr. Wontorra

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Dr. Schubert in the interview - Time for Golf

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TZ / Doctors list of spine specialists

16/2/2010 TZ / today's topic, while the title theme of TC today was the spine and the associated top doctors from Munich.

Dr. Schubert and Dr. Helmbrecht both named among one of the world's leading institutions for endoscopic surgery for removal of herniated discs and discs for Prosthetics and function-preserving spine surgery. ... read more

January 2010/ISSMIS-Internationale Meeting

ISSMIS Congress

Dr. Schubert was held from 28.01.-31.01. ISSMIS on the international congress in Zurich on spine.

His previous day, Dr. Schubert at 28.01. at 15.03 clock on the minimally invasive endoscopic transforaminal endoscopy in the lumbar spine.

ISSMIS Congress Info:

ISSMIS is the abbreviation for "International Society for Minimal Intervention in Spinal Surgery". The ISSMIS is an international society for minimally invasive spine surgery, offered at regular intervals, conferences, workshops and courses and always being true to meetings and innovations and also in session.

Golf reported to date

Golf-date 2009 / Apex Spine Center

Specialized experience of a highly qualified medical teams, with the most modern surgical techniques, all diseases of the spine treated - for this maximum quality, the Spine Center in Apex is MVZ in Helios. But with the renowned names of the two founders Dr. Michael Schubert and Dr. Armin Helmbrecht not only excellent technical skills, but also patient-related innovations. In particular their specialization in minimally invasive endoscopic procedure for the surgical treatment of spinal disorders is among experts - and from many satisfied patients - in gewürdigt. ... read more

LIVE OP on the German spine congress (dwg)

There is something special, a live surgery to demonstrate to an interested audience - especially when this is done before the guests of the renowned German Society for Spinal Surgery. Now, Dr. Schubert of the fourth annual conference for a small sensation has made, from even reported the Bavarian Television: the first time in Congress history, he led a live endoscopic surgery on the lumbar spine through - and met with his national and international colleagues with great enthusiasm. ... read more

Patient-edge medicine for the maintenance of mobility

Not only is the disc of the lumbar spine, but also may change the Halswirbelsäulle morbid. The consequences are severe, conservative measures are aimed mostly from not much, and it is an operation. The specialists of the Apex Spine Center who specialize in cutting-edge processes, which preserved the mobility remains and pain can be eliminated effectively. Because of this unique pooling of skills at the highest level of quality to enjoy Dr. Michael Schubert and Dr. Armin Helmbrecht international recognition.

... read more!

GOLFaktuell spoke with Dr. Schubert and Dr. Helmbrecht of Munich Munich Apex Spine Center

GOLFaktuell: Dr. Schubert, what exactly happens when a herniated disc in lumbar area? Dr. Schubert: When a slipped disc come from the shares of the nucleus through tears in the annulus into the spinal canal. Often the segments between the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae (L4 and L5) and between the fifth lumbar and first sacral vertebrae (L5 and S1) are affected.
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Highly specialized for the functional integrity of the spine

Specialized experience of a highly skilled medical teams treated with the most modern surgical techniques, all diseases of the spine - for this maximum quality, the Spine Center in Apex is MVZ in Helios. But be connected with the renowned names of the two founders Dr. Michael Schubert and Dr. Armin Helmbrecht not only excellent technical skills, but also patient-innovation. especially their specialization in minimally invasive endoscopic procedure for the surgical treatment of spine professionals will suffer before - and hundreds of satisfied patients - assessed in. ... read more

Dr. Schubert as a guest in China

On the occasion of the 3rd Chinese Congress of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Chongqing, China, as guest lecturer Dr. Schubert has introduced its innovative treatment methods.

The happiness on earth is on the back of a horse

Frau Wilfinger auf Ihrem Fuchsi mit Bandscheiben- prothese

Bildergalerie starten Wilfinger woman on your fuchsia with Artificial Disc Replacement

This is the motto Wilfinger wife had lived since early childhood. But in recent years, you will suffer from increasing back pain. All conservative therapies provided no improvement, so that your beloved hobby, riding finally had to give up fast.

By a friend you got the address of the APEX Spine Center. After extensive investigation the problem was discovered. The L5/S1 disc was almost completely worn out and the cause of your part, unbearable pain.

Dr. Helmbrecht replaced the painful intervertebral disc with an artificial disc replacement (artificial disc). After 3 months of sitting woman Wilfinger again with growing enthusiasm on the horse and takes part in equestrian events even again.

Much continued success!

Highly specialized for the function preserving the spine

Specialized experience of a highly skilled medical teams treated with the most modern surgical techniques, all diseases of the spine - for this maximum quality, the Spine Center in Apex is MVZ in Helios. But to be with the prestigious name of the founders Dr. MD Michael Schubert and Dr. med Armin Helmbrecht not only excellent technical skills, but also patient-related innovations. In particular, suffer their specialization in minimally invasive endoscopic procedure for the surgical treatment of vertebral column has been recognized in professional circles - and of many satisfied patients -.

The article can be viewed following the link below: TOP Fit 02/2009 .

Artificial cervical disc makes strong

Not only the lumbar spine, but also the cervical spine is vulnerable to painful disorders. However, statistics show that stakeholders generally seek medical attention much later than people with problems in the lower Rücken.Ängste are unfounded: Modern techniques now allow successful treatment to be addressed through the pain and get the mobility remains. Provided however, that the (operative) treatment by a
experienced specialist is. ... read more

Our Center of Excellence

With the teaching hospitals of the two Munich universities LMU (Ludwig Maximilians University) in Starnberg Clinic as well as the TU (Technical University) in Erding Hospital APEX SPINE CENTER lodged a cooperation agreement. Here we are acting as attending physicians.

In addition there is a separate department in the spine Atos private clinic in Munich

Because no doctor helped! Three years of hellish pain

Frau Claudia B. & Dr. Schubert

Bildergalerie starten Mrs. Claudia B. & Dr. Schubert and Wagner

Mrs. Claudia B. (41) from Wörishofen went through a real ordeal, as her for the strongest neck and back pain for three years by a doctor to the next pilgrimage - without a diagnosis and frightening predictions. Even today, she says full of emotions experienced over time, the fears and thoughts of suicide.
A Munich orthopedist projected her as they would in the event of an operation to nursing care with a stomach tube and advised instead to steroids and painkillers infusions. Without a diagnosis to a Munich neurosurgeon recommended a cocktail of morphine, and psychotropic drugs. A university hospital in Munich dismissed the patient's pain after a myelogram (cerebrospinal fluid examination) with a diagnosis of "you do not have anything" with more pain than before, and referred the patient to the pain clinic to psychologists and psychiatrists. The morphine, which she took fire for some time worked, no more, doctors were to ever higher doses, now Mrs. Brand was leading a normal life anymore, she lived in a hotel because they no longer cope with her housework alone could.

As a former nurse wife wanted to accept this fate just does not fire on their own and sought for solutions.

She was lucky, her former colleague, physician and surgeon, Dr. Michael Wagner, Christian Schubert, diagnosed by an MRI and a detailed neurological examination, two herniated discs in his neck. The result of the imaging diagnosis was later confirmed by discography. Both discs were symptomatic, ie, they caused the severe pain and loss of function.

Spine specialist Dr. Michael Schubert replaced the degenerative disc two disc prosthesis. Mrs. Brand is pain-free since her surgery and is back in the middle of life. The former nurse hopes someday to be able to return to work - if not more in the physically strong incriminating care of patients who probably had favored her spine problems. It is important to her that her story is known, because she senses that her destiny is not unique, so she turned to magazines like "image of the woman" or "Munich evening paper."

We wish to thank Mrs. Brand all the best for their future and their recovery for the openness with which she reports on her condition.

Munich newspaper by 13:07:07

Stranded extreme paddler underwent neck surgery

Rainer Ulm & Dr. Schubert

Bildergalerie starten Ulm & Dr. Rainer Schubert

Stranded extreme back of the neck with the latest minimally invasive (percutaneous nucleotomy) under local anesthesia successfully operated
Adventurer couple Franziska Rainer and Ulm were more than four years traveling to Europe to drive around in Folding boats as an acute disc herniation in the neck Rainer forced Spain to take a forced break.

Anguished after several conservative attempts to mitigate and numerous studies in Spain found Rainer Ulm - thanks to an intensive Internet search - with Dr. Michael Schubert desired, minimally invasive solution.

Dr. Schubert , himself an avid athlete and Ironman, was enthusiastic about the moment for the extreme performance of the paddlers and offered to help quickly and without bureaucracy. On 16 February he was operating Rainer Ulm endoscopically from a slipped disc of the cervical spine.

Rainer Ulm was immediately pain free after Percutaneous nucleotomy and could one day after his operation to a short flying visit to his native Lichtenau travel and just start out in Spain with a slight rehabilitation training.

After a brief rest, the Ulm may soon be making their way across Spain and France compete for destination port of Hamburg. For more information on their exciting journey, you see, www.ulm

Munich newspaper of 02/28/2005

Ori Ichaki - Israeli pro-basketball player underwent disc surgery

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Dr. Schubert & Ori Ichaki

Dr. Michael Schubert freed the 24-year-old in a 30-minute intervention of his complaints.
Ori Ichaki, an important member of the Israeli youth team, was recently pro and is the first Israeli player signed in Slovenia. The self-confident and versatile player turned out to be here for the Slovenian team as a real success story. However, he injured himself in the fall of 2005 during a game, it snapped and the lower one prolapsed intervertebral discs. The injury was in pain and restriction resulted in a strong performance, so chose the 1.95 m wide striker for the quickest and smoothest solution that endoscopic removal incident.

Spine specialist Dr. Michael Schubert led the operation by himself. He could leave the patient free of pain one day after the successful surgery and full of energy to return to his team.

We want a good and original speedy recovery and a successful 2006 season.

Michael Boeriis wins gold at the Danish championships in water skiing

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Bildergalerie starten Michael Boeriis at the Danish championships after endoscopic spine surgery

Half a year after his disc surgery, the Dane was standing on the podium

One year ago, suffered a professional athlete Michel Boeriis a herniated disc, and it was unclear whether he ever again could go water.
He doubted not a minute because the endoscopic method was the best solution for him.

Back specialist Dr. Michael Schubert took approximately 8 months before a successful endoscopic surgery through, in which the herniated disc was removed. Already after a short rehabilitation period was Michel Boeriis absorb both returned to work and train on the water-skiing.

Michael Boeriis for the course: "Six months after the surgery I was already in the Danish Water Ski Championships 2007, which in this year
Herning took place. They are in fact two championships that we run. One is for the own age group and the Open DM
Women and men from all age groups, the specific qualification criteria. I had a champion in my age group (36-45 years)
defend ... and this year I'm again struck gold! I also got gold in the open class and am therefore the best Danish slalom runner. In addition, I also won silver in the trick .:-)."

Dr. Schubert and the entire team to congratulate Mr Boeriis to his successful re-entry and wish him a lot of fun on the water.