Nationaltorwart Harush Soccer player Ariel Harush plays for Club Hapoel Tel Aviv and is Israel's national goalkeeper.

After a herniated disc in the lower lumbar spine, the 27-year-old entrusted himself to the spine specialists of the Munich apex spine center. The world-renowned expert Dr. Schubert operated on the soccer player using the minimally invasive method that he developed and developed further (endoscopic disc surgery).

Ariel Harush is now doing so well that he can run and start rehabilitation measures. As a goalkeeper, he can probably run on the field again in 6 weeks.


I needed to tell just one sentence and diagnosis was established and then also confirmed by imaging techniques. Neither the orthopedic specialist nor the radiologist I had visited before, had identified the herniated disc. They told me to do some sports and that surgery would not help. Immediately after the surgery in the ATOS clinic, my symptoms disappeared and I was also pain free. Absolute number 1 address for spinal disc problems.


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