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in 90% of all herniated disks no surgery is needed?

If however after 4-6 weeks there is no relieve of back or leg pain or additional neurological signs (muscle weakness, bladder or bowel dysfunction) appear, more detailed diagnostics are necessary to find appropriate treatment.

Weakness or numbness in the leg or foot, however are warning signals for a more serious condition.

In comparison to most clinics (more than 95% of spine surgery departments in Europe) at the APES SPINE center the diagnosis of a herniated disk does not mean a big open back surgery with long in-patient rehabilitation.

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...in the cervical spine

When a disk herniates, parts of the jelly nucleus protrude into the spinal canal through fissures of the fibrous ring. It may then happen that the prolapsed tissue compresses the spinal cord or the efferent spinal nerves. In such cases the acute back pain comes along with neurological symptoms in the dermatome of the affected nerve root.

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