First endoscopic disk surgery now also in France

At the University of Lille Dr. Schubert from the Munich Apex Spine Center did the first endoscopic surgery on a herniated disk patient. The patient left the clinic already one day after the intervention and he was pain free and in good mood. The french colleagues do this type of procedure until now in the conventional open technique.

The endoscopic method:

The minimally invasive intervention is the extremely tissue sparing alternative to the widely adopted big back surgery, where through a long cut muscles, bone material, ligaments and soft tissue have to be removed.

Parts of the spinal disk that remain in the spinal canal can cause serious problems also only after months or even years. Then it is often too late for a successful therapy. Scarring and adhesions may cause painful conditions which might add to existing instability. Thanks to innovative mini-instruments, Dr. Schubert can remove all herniated disks endoscopically.