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Endoscopic Disc surgery

the world's most tissue preserving disk surgery minimally invasive = gentle and safe If severe pain and neurological symptoms cannot be controlled by conservative care a surgical...

Herniated Disc

Did you know that... in 90% of all herniated disks no surgery is needed? If however after 4-6 weeks there is no relieve of back or leg pain or additional neurological signs...

Neck Pain

Do you suffer from Neck pain that can be felt in the head (headaches) or the shoulder and/or Pain - numbness or weakness extending from the neck to the arms, back of your hands...

Back Pain

you suffer from... Severe lower back pain radiating into the buttocks, legs or feet and which may be aggravated by sneezing or coughing A feeling of numbness or even paresis in your...

Spinal Stenosis

What is spinal stenosis? Different anatomical structures that form the wall of the spinal canal are involved in the development of a spinal stenosis. Degenerative changes of the...

Spinal Fusion

A spondylodesis (fusion or stiffening surgery) should always be considered as a last resort, as it is an irreversible surgical intervention.The affected segment of the spine will be...

Slipped Vertebra

Slipped Vertebra or Spondylosisthesis Sliding of vertebra can be inherent (isthmic spondylolisthesis) or acquired. Degenerative changes of the intervertebral space or the...

2nd opinion

We offer you the possibility of a rapid and efficient preliminary assessment of your complaints and advice. You have already received a treatment proposal, ...

leading through specalization

leading through specalization

The APEX SPINE CENTER in Munich is specialized in professional diagnosis and treatment of back pain and diseases of the spinal column. The main goal is to treat each individual patient for his back pain, his spinal disk problems or his spine disease as effectively and safely as possible – conservatively as well surgically. Accordingly, we offer a broad range of services from minimally invasive and endoscopic techniques for treatment of herniated disks to their artificial replacement to sometimes stiffening of the spinal vertebrae. The most common reasons for acute lower back pain are a herniated disk or the degeneration of the spinal disk itself. Dr. Schubert who carried out more than 8.000 successful endoscopic surgeries ranges among the leading surgeons worldwide with this special technique. Similarly, the most common reason for acute neck pain is also a herniated disk. In our spine clinic we are able to help our patients with a minimally invasive endoscopic surgery (percutaneous discectomy). However, all other conventional surgery methods (gold standard procedures) are also practiced in our clinic for spine surgery. Surgical treatment is offered for spinal stenoses, spondylolisthesis and other degenerative, traumatic or inflammatory diseases of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine and – if necessary – even the insertion of an artificial disk replacement.

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Not only general practitioners but also orthopedic specialists or neurosurgeons tend to expose their patients to "over-treatment" - without knowing the proper diagnosis or cause of pain. To make a well-founded diagnosis a conscientious and extensive approach is indispensable. Generally different examinations are necessary.

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Successful again

The gentlest disc surgery in the world brings athletes in a short time to peak performance. With over 8,000 endoscopic spine surgeries Dr. Schubert is internationally the leading and most experienced spine surgeon.


This will depend on your pre-existing condition and the type of surgery that has been carried out. Many patients are able to resume simple office work for a couple of hours daily already one week after an endoscopic discectomy. Complete recovery time is on average 4 weeks.

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The aim of the apex spine CENTER is to be as effective, as well as gentle and treat risk as possible through an individually tailored treatment approach, patients with back pain, intervertebral disc disease or spinal disorders, both conservative as well as operationally.



h-schubertVisiting Professor, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Dr. Michael Schubert, MD is - with more than 8.000 endoscopic surgeries - one of the leading experts in spinal surgery. His main focus is always to preserve natural mobility and stability of the operated segment (function preservation).

As a renowned specialist, he is the contact point for his colleagues and spine specialists from all over the world. Spine specialists from many countries participate at his continuing education courses in order to learn the new endoscopic surgery technique.
Lecturing at both the national and the international level, Dr. Schubert is interested not only in the practical realization, but also in scientific research and dissemination of the treatment of spinal diseases by minimally invasive techniques, concerning the entire spine.



Percutaneous nucleotomy (removal of herniated disk) of the cervical spine

Endoscopic nucleotomy (removal of the herniated disc) in the area of the lumbar and thoracic spine

Microscopic decompression in the area of the lumbar spine (with stenosis)

Spinal arthroplasty (prosthesis) of the cervical spine and lumbar spine