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The most Tissue preserving surgery of the world
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in an endoscopic disk surgery only the herniated material is removed under local anesthesia and not the entire disk replaced by a cage, artificial disk or bone graft as is common practice?

The natural mobility and stability of the cervical spine is maintained.

In fact, this surgical procedure is analogous to the discectomy of the lumbar spine where also only the herniated tissue is removed and not the entire disk replaced by an artificial placeholder.

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the world's most tissue preserving disk surgery 
minimally invasive = gentle and safe

If severe pain and neurological symptoms cannot be controlled by conservative care a surgical intervention will be necessary. Aim of the discectomy is to remove the extruded disk tissue and to decompress or to completely set free the pinched nerve.

We carry out all disk surgeries endoscopically! With almost 5.500 endoscopic discectomies Dr. Schubert is internationally one of the leading and most experienced spine surgeons.

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