Microscopic decompression

Often the desired enlargement of the spinal canal and decompression of the pinched nerves is possible only with a surgical removal of protruding osteophytes. This used to be a complex surgery on the open spinal canal in the past where great parts of the vertebral arches and joints were removed (laminectomy). Modern minimally invasive techniques today allow for a very tissue-preserving intervention as nerves and blood vessels running through the spinal canal remain unhurt. With the aid of a surgical microscope greatly enlarging the operating field a removal of the narrowing structures to the nearest millimeter is feasible. 

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Mikroforaminotomie 300


Under certain circumstances the dorsal cervical microforaminotomy may be an option to treat a herniated disk of the cervical spine. This may obviate the insertion of an artificial disk replacement or a stiffening surgery.

It is possible in cases where the disk material bulges laterally or if a narrowing of a foramen is present only on one side.

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